In Three Years, Penn Valley Rotary Will
* Have 45 Members
* Reach Out to Members Who Have Not Attended a Meeting
* Develop new membership categories
Our Club Foundation
* Contribute Annually to Local Projects
* Increase Scholarships
The Rotary Foundation
* Have 100% Sustaining Members
* Apply for District Service Grants Every Year
Youth Services
* Support Interact Club at Ready Springs School
* Provide Continued Support for youth leadership programs such as RYLA and REGL
Community Service
* Support projects at Western Gateway Park
* Provide Food Baskets for 40 Families Twice Annually
* Support Literacy projects
Club Service
* Have Monthly Fellowship or Service Projects
* Develop A Leadership Succession Plan
Vocational Service
* Have A Strong Connection with Local Schools and Youth Programs
* Collaborate with 4-H, Chamber, Farms to Strengthen Local Economy
Club Fundraisers
* Be a Lead Organization for the Daffodil Run
* Support Golf for Kids Tournament
International Service
* Support and Fund International Projects Annually
Public Image
* Continue the  Monthly Rotary Column in TWI
* Have Signage/branded shirts to identify club activities